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Thank you to These 5 Big-Name Company Sponsorships for Helping Our Free Tutoring Program for Children in Academic & Financial Distress

tutoring sponsorship for education and behavior

We want to thank our new sponsors for our online library of research-based stategies for children and our free tutoring and social support programs for children in financial and academic or social distress.

Thank you to the following 5 companies. We are honored and proud!

multisensory educational activities for kids

3. Amazon.com (thanks to Amazon we have access to hundreds of coupon codes for fun educational activities for kids)

tutoring sponsorship for education and behavior

4. Forbes.com – Thank you for your amazing Apple Product Coupon Codes!

Please Contact Us at Education and Behavior if You Want to Learn More About Our Sponsorship Program to Support Children in Financial and Academic or Social-Emotional Distress for Free. We want to hear from you.

We can’t wait to add more companies to our list!

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