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8 Highest-Rated Math Board Games (Addition & Subtraction)

In Educators, Fun Ideas, Math, Math Strategies, Parents by Rachel Wise

Below are eight of the highest-rated math board games to practice addition and subtraction. For students who are struggling or just learning, an adult should play with the child(ren), providing assistance as needed. Research demonstrates the benefits of applying a multi-sensory approach to math instruction. A multi-sensory approach incorporates the senses such as sight, sound, and touch into instruction. Playing …

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4 Research-Based Strategies Parents & Teachers Can Use to Teach Basic Math

In Educational Strategies & Tips, Educators, Fun Ideas, Hands-on Activities, Math, Math Strategies, Parents by Rachel Wise

When teaching math to kids, it is important to follow the natural progression of how they learn best. When children learn language, they first learn the name on an object by someone else pointing to it or touching it and saying the name. For example, a parent points to and touches the family dog while saying “doggy.” After the parent …