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Please Don’t Take Away My Recess-A Poem About ADHD

In ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Behavior Strategies, Counselors, Education and Behavior Poems, Educators, Parents by Rachel Wise

I got in trouble in school today. They took away my recess. They said it was because I couldn’t sit still, but I was feeling so restless. I couldn’t control my body. I wish they’d give me breaks to move. It’s so much easier to concentrate when I’m not forced to sit for an hour or two. Sometimes directions come …

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A Wonderful Child

In Education and Behavior Poems by Catherine TaylorLeave a Comment

A Wonderful Child A child who is able to embrace the magic of the world around them… A child who is not living in fear of their safety… A child who does not go to sleep with an empty stomach… only to be awakened by the sounds of that hungry lion in their belly… A wonderful child is a child who …

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I Wish I Was There to Protect You!-An Empowering Poem for Bullying Victims & Survivors

In Bullying, Education and Behavior Poems, Inspirational Stories/Videos by Rachel Wise3 Comments

Thinking of my childhood, there’s so much I wish I’d known. I’d love to go back and tell myself, now that I am grown. You were only nine or ten when the mean, cruel things were said. People hit you, called you names, threw papers at your head. You used to think to yourself, “If they only took the time …