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What is Homeschooling? Is it Right for You?

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A child’s education is no simple matter. There are dozens of choices out there. Should you choose your local public school or a prestigious private one? Which one can you afford? Should academics take precedence over extra-curriculars or should there be a healthy balance? Does your child need special attention? There are so many important choices to make. These early …

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What Is Cyber School Like? 10 Facts About the K – 12 Experience

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Have you ever wondered what cyber school is like? Working as an independent contractor school psychologist for grades K to 12, I work with a variety of types of schools, including charter schools, cyber schools (which may be run by a charter or district school), public schools, and private schools (secular and non-secular). My primary role is to evaluate students …

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An Alabama Mom Talks About Her Experience Homeschooling Her 9th Grade Daughter

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On October 12, 2014, long before COVID-19 and children learning from home were a part of everyday American culture, I spoke with Linda Warren a really sweet mom from Alabama. She shared a lot about her personal experiences homeschooling her daughter. See what Linda had to say below: How Long Have You Been Homeschooling? We have been homeschooling since January …