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11 Research-Based Spelling Strategies Parents Can Try at Home

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Preface: In this article you will find a variety of fun and engaging ways to implement research-based spelling strategies such as: teaching phonemic awareness, (a strategy to help students understand letter-sound correspondence and the individual parts that make up words)  teaching morphological awareness (understanding/recognizing similar chunks in words, word families, and word parts) utilizing the whole-word approach (memorizing the spelling of …

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Easy-to-Follow Guide for Parents and Teachers Gives Research-Based Tips to Build Confidence and Improve Behavior in Children

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Practical, easy-to-follow tips related to the following topics or challenges: temper tantrums, defiace, focus, social skills, impulsivity, hyperactivity, boundary setting, teaching accountability, goal setting, natural and logical consequences, creating positive interactions, building confidence and self-esteem, and positive behavior strategies