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Sharing our content helps provide free tutoring to children in academic and financial need.

Education and Behavior, founded in January 2014, was started by certified school psychologist and licensed behavior specialist, Rachel Wise.

Rachel created Education and Behavior for adults to have a go-to place to find research-based information and strategies to support children in the areas of learning, behavior, and social-emotional development.

In 2023, Rachel also started creating and posting educational activities for students who learn best through visual and hands-on methods, such as those with autism spectrum disorder or speech-language impairments. English language learners can also benefit from our activities.

As a survivor of abuse, neglect, and bullying Rachel slipped through the cracks of her school and community.

Education and Behavior hopes to play a role in preventing that from happening to other children.

Children do best when there is consistency within and across settings (i.e., home, school, community). Education and Behavior allows us to maintain that consistency.  

Education and Behavior provides answers to questions such as:

We also have a variety of articles to support students with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and intellectual disabilities.

Additionally, we provide information on special education, children’s fitness, and social skill development.

Take part in our share educational content you love to get free tutoring for a child in need” program!

See Our Guide for Parents and Teachers to Improve Behavior and Increase Confidence in Children.

Visit our free support group on Facebook for parents/caregivers, educators, counselors and other adults interested in discussing education, behavior, and related topics.

Funding for our library comes from:

In 2020, Rachel began uploading music to youtube as a way to advertise the site and raise money for tutoring and educational resources for children in need.

See Rachel’s music here.

Education and Behavior offers opportunities for sponsorship and partnership, content writing, donation, and advertising. We also provide writing services for other businesses and institutions.

Please send your requests directly to rachelwise@educationandbehavior.com.

A True Story About a Little Girl Named Rachel

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Sharing our content helps provide free tutoring to children in academic and financial need.


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