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An Interactive Social Story about Going to School (School Routine, Behavioral expectations, and more)

social story about school routine

Below you will see an interactive social story about going to school.

The story helps children prepare for a typical school day, including their first day of school. You can also read this story with your child to practice reading skills.

Social stories are a research-based tool used to help children prepare for real-life events. They can help ease anxiety or set expectations for behavior in a certain situation.

Preparing for new routines and expectations can reduce anxiety

For children on the autism spectrum, those with anxiety disorders, or any child that may be apprehensive about a situation, social stories can help them feel more prepared to go into the situation.

Talk to your child about differences they may encounter in the story vs. a real school day.

You can explain that no two school days are exactly alike and that their day might differ somewhat from the story.

Encourage them to talk or draw pictures about how their day might differ.

Print Story

The story gives your child space for drawing and writing. Feel free to print this story out and read it several times with your child/client/student (without pressure).

Children can draw/write in the spaces provided once the story is printed.

What to expect in school (first day and more)? An interactive social story about the school routine, rules and expectations.


school (1)
Some kids waik to school
Some kids ride bike to school

use this space

will i go to school


things that will happen
meet ur new teacher
going to the cafeteria
use space

when u r in school
sit quietly
do ur school work

use this space

at the end of the day
will u take a bus
walk home
ride ur bike home


Print Story

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Please share this story to help other children get familiar with the routine of the school day.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! We are in our 4th week of school and still I have kiddos with anxieties.

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