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What Wouldn’t You Do? Role Play Trivia for Students (Scenario # 6)

role play scenario for kids

Below you will find a real story told by a fifth-grade student. What wouldn’t you do if this happened to you?

See the scenario and choices below in both video and written forms. Pick the response that is not the emotionally-healthy one.

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What is the scenario? You raise your hand to ask a question in class about your upcoming science test. Some kids laugh after your question. The teacher says, “we are done with science questions for now.”

What wouldn’t you do? Choose from one of four choices below.

A. Write your question down to ask your teacher at another time.

B. Let it go. You will be studying for your science test later, and you can look something up online if you are confused about it.

C. Yell out to the teacher that they are no help to you and tell the kids who laughed to “close their mouths or they will have to deal with you.”

D. Take a few seconds to process your frustration about the situation. You have every right to feel aggravated. You take a few deep breaths and draw a picture to help yourself relax. You can try to talk to the teacher about what happened as soon as they are available.

You may want to act out this scenario or draw a picture to represent what happened. While you would have every right to be frustrated in this scenario, you want to make a choice that will cause more frustration, not less.

Choices should be focused on what will be best for you, rather than how your choices will affect someone else.

You can act out each choice, and determine which feels best for you.

If you chose C, you picked the correct response to the role play above. Yelling out and making threats can only make your day, week, or life more difficult.

If your teacher did not make time for your question and other students laughed, those things have nothing to do with you.

You keep taking care of yourself, rather than wasting your energy on getting angry and “setting them straight.”

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