Pride Reading Program Utilizes a Multi-Sensory Approach!

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The Pride Reading Program, created by educator, author, and curriculum developer, Karina Richland, uses a multi-sensory, step-by-step process to teach your child to read. It is based on the approach of Orton Gillingham, a time-tested approach to supporting students with reading disabilities based on the research-based principle that multi-sensory learning is beneficial.

I chose to share the Pride Reading Program with you because I have personally witnessed the positive impact of multisensory learning in my 20 years of experience working in home and school settings, with individuals in need of non-traditional learning approaches.

Orton Gillingham – An Instructional Approach to Teach Students with Dyslexia

The Pride Reading Program comes with a regimented online guide, which can be presented to a child by a tutor, a parent, or other family member. The program is beneficial for helping students with reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension.

helpful strategies for solving math word problems
helpful strategies for solving math word problems

Children with speech and language difficulties, dyslexia, or processing deficits benefit from the repetitive nature of the program.

Video Description of the Pride Reading Program
Pride Reading Program Sample Lesson
Images of the Pride Reading Program Materials
Video: What is Dyslexia?

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Tools for Multi-Sensory Reading Instruction

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Reading Head Start

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