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A Poem for Your Child (An Important Poem for Any Parent to Read)

positive parenting poetry
poems about positive parenting strategies for kids

Say I love you
Give a hug
Tell them you are here

Ask how they feel
Hold out your hand
Guide them through their fear

Listen when they talk
Share with them too
Let them know they matter to you
Tell them about your life and about you
Become a teacher in that moment they do something they are not supposed to

Build them up but let them fall
Watch them stand or climb a rock wall

Exercise with them, teach them to cook
Have a dance party, read a book

Care about their interests, help them set some goals
Be there when times are tough, give them some control

When they are hurt, or scared; angry, sick or tired
Let them know how much you care, walk them through the fire

Every child needs a hero in their corner, some have more than one, but the ones with none can’t smile…
Can you be a child’s hero today, even if it’s for just a little while?

poems about positive parenting strategies for kids

When we are down, scared, angry, sad, or lonely it is sometimes hard to find the motivation to give our all. But when we push past the feelings and commit to being that hero, even if it’s just for the moment, we are making a positive difference for our children and their future, making every move worth it!

Comment and let me know how you are or were a hero to a child! How were you in their corner?

Be that hero today!

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