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I See You – A Message for all Children From a School Staff Member

a message for kids
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

I See You

Fourth grader out on the playground who got punched hard at the back of the line (but no one saw you get hit because your class line was so long that your teacher was already in the building) – I see you

Kindergartener who doesn’t understand the lesson and gets yelled at for playing with your shoelace and turning around – I see you

First-grader who doesn’t know how to read but is being told to pick a book and sit and read it, and then gets yelled at when you’re playing with an eraser in your desk – I see you

Fifth-grader who missed the directions and was told, “how many times do I have to repeat the same thing to you” – I see you

Sixth-grader who wants to take dance lessons but your mom is asleep because she is heavily medicated for anxiety and depression – I see you

a message for kids
Photo by gusat silviu on Pexels.com

Third-grader who hears yelling, screaming, and cursing between your parents, when you are trying to sleep on a school night – I see you

Second-grader who went to school with no food and no option for clean clothing – I see you

Preschooler stranded outside with no clue what to do, with an adult left to care for you, standing there just as helpless as you – I see you

a message for kids

Children in need of asthma or diabetes (or any other) medication, who cannot access it (due to insurance-based or finance-based, or supply shortage issues) – I see you

I want to bring awareness and ask what we can do, and let all kids know that I am here and trying to help you! I see you!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? I See a School Staff Member Looking Out for Me!


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