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Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening (ASDS): An Interactive Questionnaire for Parent or Self (Ages 5 to Adult)

Autism Screening Questionnaire


This questionnaire is designed to aid in recognizing and understanding various symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in individuals ages 5 to adult. The results can be shared with the individual’s doctor, school, or relevant professionals.

Autism Screening Questionnaire


Below are 15 scenarios describing various situations.

For each scenario, choose ONLY ONE checkbox that corresponds to the response that you think best describes the individual’s behavior or feelings in the presented situation. There are four response options for each scenario, labeled A, B, C, and D, with corresponding point values (A=1 point, B=2 points, C=3 points, D=4 points). After responding to all 15 scenarios,  calculate the total score to get your results.

1. Walking in a crowded shopping mall:

2. Receiving an unexpected phone call from someone you/they don’t know well:

3. Attending a social gathering with friends:

4. Being assigned a group project at school or work:

5. Eating in a noisy and busy restaurant:

6. Presented with an unexpected change in daily routine:

7. Being introduced to a new social group:

8. Being invited to attend a large public event:

9, Receiving a compliment on your/their appearance:

10. Having an unexpected change in plans:

11. In a conversation with friends or colleagues:

12. Working on a creative project or hobby:

13. Receiving a surprise gift from a friend or family member:

14. Attending a class or meeting:

15. Faced with a sudden change of plans:

Understanding Your Score

    • Total Score Range: 0-5
      • Interpretation: Very Low Score Range
      • Description: Very few or minimal ASD-related traits or challenges.
    • Total Score Range: 6-10
      • Interpretation: Low Score Range
      • Description: Relatively low presence of ASD-related traits or challenges.
    • Total Score Range: 11-20
      • Interpretation: Mild Score Range
      • Description: Mild presence of ASD-related traits or challenges.
    • Total Score Range: 21-30
      • Interpretation: Moderate Score Range
      • Description: Moderate presence of ASD-related traits or challenges.
    • Total Score Range: 31-45
      • Interpretation: High Score Range
      • Description: High presence of ASD-related traits or challenges.

Important Note

This scale is not a comprehensive diagnostic tool and should not be used as the sole basis for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Professional Evaluation

A professional evaluation by qualified experts is essential for an accurate assessment and diagnosis. You can use this scale as a starting point for discussions with healthcare professionals or educators to help them better understand your experiences or those of someone you know.

Not a Replacement

This scale is not intended to replace formal autism evaluations or serve as a medical diagnosis. If you have concerns about ASD, seek guidance from qualified medical and/or mental health professionals to ensure access to appropriate services and resources.

Autism Screening Questionnaire
Autism Awareness

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The items, response options, and scoring in this autism screening questionnaire are based on current and available research in the field of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the development of questionnaires to assess ASD-related traits. Extensive research has been conducted to identify and understand the behavioral characteristics associated with autism.

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