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Just Like Colorforms – Digiforms: Land & Sky: Nonverbal Learning Activity

interactive nonverbal learning game


Welcome, parents, teachers, and players! Digiforms: Land & Sky is a unique and engaging game specially designed to support nonverbal learners and students with autism spectrum disorder. This multisensory experience incorporates peaceful music, creating a calming environment that promotes focus and cognitive development. You can turn the volume off if you prefer a quiet atmosphere.

Digiforms: Land & Sky

Game Music – Turn on or off.

Instructions for Digiforms: Land & Sky Edition

In this activity, you will create a scene by placing five objects in the sky and five objects on the ground. You have a variety of objects to choose from, including the sun, bird, airplane, cloud, rainbow, car, truck, road closed sign, tree, and shrub.

Please ensure that objects meant for the ground are placed on the ground, and objects meant for the sky are placed in the sky. You can hover over each item to read its name if desired.

The video below was before we changed the name of our product to Digiforms.

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Game Overview

Digiforms: Land & Sky, is an interactive and educational game designed to help players differentiate between objects found on the ground and those found in the sky. By correctly placing objects in their respective locations, players can enjoy a fun experience while deepening their understanding of these concepts.

As players explore the game, they will engage their senses through vibrant interactive visuals, accessible via a touch screen or mouse, along with soothing music.

This multisensory approach enhances the learning experience, making it particularly effective for students who may struggle with traditional, verbally-heavy instruction.

Supporting Research

Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of multisensory learning for individuals with diverse learning needs, including nonverbal learners and those on the autism spectrum.

Digiforms: Land & Sky incorporates various sensory modalities such as visual and tactile stimuli, providing a comprehensive learning experience that accommodates different learning needs.

Furthermore, studies have highlighted the positive impact of calming music on learning. The serene melody in Digiforms: Land & Sky creates a relaxing atmosphere. Music can also be turned on or off according to player preference.


Digiforms: Land & Sky Edition is more than just a game; it’s an empowering educational tool that promotes independence and cognitive growth, particularly for nonverbal learners and students with autism spectrum disorder. Through its multisensory approach and soothing music, this game offers an inclusive and enjoyable learning experience.

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