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Interactive Choice Board for Individuals Learning to Communicate (Basic Needs, Emotions, & Leisure)

free interactive choice board online

Directions: Select your choice from the board and move it into the choice square.

Interactive Choice Board: Empowering Communication & Independence

This interactive choice board is a versatile tool intended for home, school, or community use. With a choice board, individuals, especially young children or those with communication challenges, can make choices related to basic emotions, needs, and leisure activities by choosing a photo from the board and moving it into the choice square. They can also just point or hover the mouse over their choice.

Enhancing Communication & Independence

Research shows that interactive choice boards have proven to be useful in enhancing communication and promoting independence for individuals with diverse needs. By providing visual options, it bridges communication gaps, reducing potential frustration and facilitating effective expression.

Anywhere Access with Device Convenience

Our choice board is accessible on any device, making it convenient for users to carry it wherever they go. Whether at home, school, or within the community, individuals can utilize the interactive features to express emotions, communicate basic needs, and explore leisure preferences.

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Proactive Tool to Reduce Frustration

As a proactive solution, our choice board serves as a valuable resource to prevent frustration. By empowering individuals with communication challenges to express themselves more effectively, it aids in creating a supportive and inclusive environment.




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