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Sharing our content helps provide free tutoring to children in academic and financial need.

Multisensory learning and sensory integration are research-based approaches that assist children in reaching their full academic, behavioral, and social-emotional potential.

Check out our favorite multisensory learning materials below: areas include reading, writing, math, science, history, social skills, emotional regulation/behavior, sensory needs, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and more!

We also recommend some of our favorite books on ADHD, autism, oppositional behavior, positive parenting, and positive discipline.

Basic Reading Skills

More Hands-On Tools for Basic Reading Skills (Phonics, Decoding, and Sight Words)

Math Facts: Addition & Subtraction

Math Facts: Multiplication & Division

Math Manipulatives

More Hands-On Tools for Math (Number Recognition, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Time. Money, Geometry),

Writing & Spelling

Sentence Building



More Info on Multisensory/Hands-On Tools for History Lessons

Social-Emotional Skills

Emotional Regulation

Visual Timers

(Recommended Article: 3 Ways to Use Timers to Encourage School Work and Chore Completion)

File Folder Games

Fidget Items/Sensory Play

Weighted Blankets

Sensory Room Items

Speech Therapy (Articulation & Language)

Occupational Therapy (Fine & Gross Motor)

Behavior Charts


Oppositional Behavior
Positive Parenting/Discipline

Thank you for checking out our online multi-sensory store! The funds generated from our store enable us to maintain our free research-based online library, Education and Behavior. Contact us with product suggestions!

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Sharing our content helps provide free tutoring to children in academic and financial need.

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