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Exploring 9 Types of Bullying: Illustrated Examples and 5-Question Comprehension Quiz

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Informative Video on 9 Types of Bullying.

In this video, we’ll delve into various forms of bullying, providing real-life illustrated examples to help you better understand each type.

Afterward, you can test your comprehension with a five-question quiz to reinforce your knowledge.

Bullying can take many shapes and forms, and it’s crucial to recognize and address them to create safer and more inclusive environments. Let’s begin our exploration of these important topics.

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5 Question Comprehension Quiz

See answers at the end of the quiz.

1. Sarah repeatedly sends hurtful messages and spreads false rumors through social media and text messages about her classmate. What type of bullying is this?

2. Mark constantly teases a student in his school, making fun of her condition. What type of bullying is this?

3. A group of students consistently excludes a classmate from social activities and makes them feel isolated. What type of bullying is this?

4. Joanna repeatedly makes derogatory comments about her classmate’s race, targeting his ethnicity. What type of bullying is this?

Correct Answers:

  • 1. B. Cyberbullying
  • 2. C. Disability Bullying
  • 3. A. Social Bullying
  • 4. B. Racial Bullying
  • 5. A. Physical Bullying

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