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What is the Benefit of a Doctorate in Education?

why get a doctorate in education

Why obtain a Doctorate in Education?

A Doctorate in Education, or an Ed.D., is often pursued by those who want a career in educational leadership.

Examples of leadership careers may include:

  • a school principal
  • a college president
  • an educational researcher
  • a curriculum developer
  • a superintendent
  • an academic dean
  • a college professor

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Why are educational leaders so valuable to students, families, & communities?

Ed.D. programs provide essential knowledge about the way education systems operate. Doctorate students also learn strategies to make positive changes and implement solutions in education on a grand scale.

Those who have a career in educational leadership have the ability to use their expertise to impact policies, curriculum standards, teaching methods, and more.

For instance, research shows that movement and hands-on experiences are best for students’ learning, yet millions of children worldwide sit at a desk for hours a day, with very little movement or hands-on activities. An educator with an Ed.D. could be influential in making the kinds of changes that will further align modern educational practices with current educational research.

why get a doctorate in education

Solid educational leadership is essential when it comes to the success of students. Furthermore, well-rounded students lead to improved family and community outcomes for all.

Is an Ed.D. right for you?

Are you passionate about making changes in education on a global scale? Do you want to positively impact students and communities now and in the future?

If you answered yes, then an Ed.D might be the degree for you.

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