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5 Short “Must-Watch” Motivational Videos for Teachers

motivational videos for teachers

The other day I saw this very powerful, motivational video on Linkedin and thought, “This is a must-watch for anybody who works with or raises kids!” (This is the first video below, by legendary educator Rita Pierson).

Watching Ms. Pierson got me thinking that there must be other videos out there that can help boost the spirit and morale of teachers, just like this first video, and so…I hand-selected the five best I could find. After watching each one, I felt inspired!

Working in schools for a long time with at-risk youth, I met with many teachers who expressed feeling burnt out, frustrated, annoyed with bureaucracy, and dare I even say hopeless. I truly hope these five videos can bring a spark back into the heart of any teacher feeling this way and give inspiration to all the new and aspiring teachers out there!

Have fun watching! Please comment below with your thoughts and share this post if you find these videos as inspirational as I did.

1. Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs a Champion


2. Teachers Make a Difference


3. Youth Motivational Speaker – Jeremy Anderson Speaks to Teachers


4. 10-Year-Old Intellect, Dalton Sherman’s Keynote Speech


5. Heart of a Teacher

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