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7 Motivating Kid-Friendly Visual Timers for Home & School (Focus, Goals, Breaks, & More)

Kid-Friendly Visual Timers for Focus and Breaks

The featured visual timers below range from 30-seconds to six minutes.

If it is challenging to focus on a task or activity for even 30 seconds, you can start any one of the timers below at any time you wish (e.g., 20 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.).

Segments can range from one second to six minutes (or longer if you play through a timer more than once or use multiple timers).

Visual timers can also be used to take a break from a task, or to take a break before transitioning from one task to the next.

Additionally, the timers can be used a guide how long it should take you to switch between tasks or to complete tasks as well.

For instance, you can start the five minute timer, with a goal of brushing your teeth within the five minutes. Next you can use the six minute timer to get dressed.

If you need more time, add the four-minute timer. Then you can use the five minute timer twice to play a favorite game before heading to bed.

These timers are visual and made with liquid (or sand) motion.

The following timers are visual in nature, so people who have trouble understanding digital countdown timers can utilize the visual in each video as a time-guide. The visual component lets the viewer know how much time they have left of a task, activity or break.

Turn Sound of Each Timer On or Off According to Preference

Utilize any of visual timers below (30-Seconds to Six-Minutes) to help you or your student/child complete tasks or goals.

1. 30-Second Liquid-Motion Visual Timer

YouTube player

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2. One-Minute Dinosaur Reveal Visual Timer

YouTube player

Use these visual timers to build your focus stamina.

If you can focus on something for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, etc., start from there and slowly build up your stamina, with the time on task gradually going up to six minutes.

You can use a combination of the timers to do any number of minutes you want.

Tasks or activities that you can work on with the timers below include cleaning, organizing, homework, studying, exercising/stretching, meditation, computer work, processing emotions, etc.

3. Two-Minute Visual-Timer Liquid Motion Disney (Aurora) Inspired/Unicorn Inspired

YouTube player

4. Three-Minute Visual Sand Timer with Train

YouTube player

Contact us and we will make you a custom-made timer.

5. Four-Minute Minecraft-Inspired Visual Timer with Liquid Motion

YouTube player

6. Five-Minute Under Water Visual Sand Timer with Dinosaurs

YouTube player

7. Six-Minute Underwater Liquid-Motion Visual Timer with Fish & Sea Creatures.

YouTube player

Below are some additional ways to use these liquid-motion visual timers displayed above.

You can play the entire timer playlist to work on a task for a total of 21.5 minutes. If you choose to try the whole playlist, you can go straight through each video.

You can also alternate between work and breaks by letting the playlist go from the 30-Second Timer to the Six-Minute Timer.

You can also utilize these timers to practice skills such as listening, waiting, or taking turns.

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