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Display This Cheat Sheet in Your School or Home for a Quick Visual Reminder of 10 Effective Behavior Strategies for Children

how to help a child with behavior problems with positive strategies

There are a lot of strategies when it comes to using the research-based methods of positive behavior support.

Here is a cheat sheet for you to print out to remember some of the top strategies that you can start using today.

Simply take a screenshot or save the image and print! You can also laminate and make it a poster, or just write the tips down on a large whiteboard for you to see at any time.

For more strategies, visit our behavior strategies section at educationandbehavior.com.

effective behavior strategies

In case you have any trouble seeing the text in the image or you are using a text reader feature, here is what the cheat sheet says:

  1. Show your child/student that you are happy to see them.
  2. Acknowledge effort, responsible choices, and kindness through verbal praise and or positive body language.

3. Use empathetic statements (e.g., “I understand this makes you angry”).

how to help a child with behavior problems

4. Remind your child or student of what you want them to do instead of what you don’t want them to do (e.g., “walk nicely in the hall” instead of “no running”).

5. Remind your child or student of what do they are working towards rather than threatening what you will take away (earn vs. lose/first you need to do this then you can do that).

how to help a child with behavior problems with positive strategies

6. Give your child opportunities to make choices throughout the day.

7. Follow through on what you say you are going to do.

8. Take time to listen and understand your child’s perspective.

9. Avoid long lectures, arguments, and sarcastic remarks about your child or student’s behavior.

10. Use a calm but confident tone.

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