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4 Great Benefits of Exercise for Children

benefits of exercise for children

Exercise is not just for grownups, in fact, the activity level of children is far greater than that of grownups, and if it is not channeled properly, it could lead to different problems such as obesity, lack of interest or motivation, and low self-esteem. Our children are our future, thereby their upbringing largely determines the future of our state. To ensure the happy and healthy living of our children, we should encourage them to participate in healthy activities and practice different exercises on a daily basis. Exercise is not only vital for their physical growth and development but also for the peace of mind. Children who exercise on a daily basis are more energetic, confident, have a sharp memory and a stronger self-esteem.

The technological era has taken over the interest of children, and many find joy in playing computer games instead of playing outdoor games. It is the responsibility of parents to encourage their children to include healthy exercises in their daily routine and make it a fun filled and joyous experience. Consider running or walking, swimming, playing sports, or jumping on a trampoline with your child. You can even make a child friendly home gym, which you can equip with various types of exercise equipment such as mini stepper, dumbbells, etc. to create an environment where children can easily practice exercise.

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Workout videos are also a great way to exercise with your kids!


Included in this article are four benefits of exercise for children.

1. Exercise increases blood flow: Research demonstrates that exercise dilates the blood vessels in the muscles that allow the blood to flow easily throughout the body which prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases. Increased blood flow ensures the availability of oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body which is very important for children as they are in their growing stages and their body needs large amounts of nutrients. This boosts the energy of children and increases their productivity and physical activity.

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2. Exercise strengthens the bones and muscles: Scientific experiments show that regular exercise helps in strengthening the bones and muscles of children, which may lower the risk of chronic pain in future. Physical activity not only triggers the production of new bone tissues to make the bones stronger but also increases the bone density to bear more pressure.


3. Exercise increases flexibility: Medical doctors and physical therapists enlist increased flexibility as one of the benefits of regular exercise. Exercise loosens the tight and strained muscles and increases the flexibility of joints, which improves range of motion. Recent studies demonstrate that exercise can also stimulate the production of some natural lubricants that protect the joints, which keep the connective tissues and ligaments well lubricated, increasing the flexibility of joints and muscles in children.


4. Exercise prevents diseases: Medical research shows that exercise strengthens the immune system of children and makes them less vulnerable to diseases and chronic conditions such as diabetes, allergies, heart problems and orthopedic issues. A study conducted by American Health Association demonstrates that daily exercise activates the lymphatic system which helps the immune system protect the body against various pathogens and diseases.

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