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See 5 Great Science Music Videos For Elementary Students (Astronomy, Chemistry, Gravity & More)

science songs for elementary students

Why Should We Use Songs to Teach Science?

Music is such an amazing teaching tool. It helps keep learners engaged. Music is also a great tool to help students understand and remember concepts. Research also supports the use of music in teaching children concepts.

I noticed that there are so many amazing learning music videos on Youtube in a variety of subject areas.

Below are five great science songs, excellent for elementary school students (or anyone who wants to learn more about science).

These songs even had my two-year-old interested in science. Once you know the songs, you can sing along any time to review the concepts.

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Five Great Science Music Videos

1. Gravity by PBS Kids

Learn the basic principles of gravity and how it affects our daily lives. This tune is catchy and includes characters from The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Dinosaur Train, Curious George, SUPER WHY, Hooper and Dash.

2. World of Wonder by Jack Hartmann

This fun song, with amazing moving images, covers many wondrous topics in a kid-friendly way such as astronomy, wild-life, nature, rockets, and weather.

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3. The Solar System Song by KidsTV123

This relaxing, calming song makes it easy to learn about our solar system. Features of the sun and every planet are discussed.

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4. Parts of an Atom Song by Mr. Parr

This catchy, upbeat song about atoms is set to the tune of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. Learn how that parts of atoms (i.e., protons, neutrons, and eletrons work together).

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Tip: Create a hands-on activity to go along with the songs to help really drive the concepts home. For example, practice dropping objects while watching the gravity song or make a craft that have parts of the atom.

5. First 20 Elements of The Periodic Table Song by Lukas Tadros

This catchy song does an amazing job of helping students learn the elements of the periodic table.

Images in the song give us a clearer understanding of the function of each element (e.g., oxygen is to help us breathe).

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Do you have any science songs you like, or songs about other educational topics? I would love to know. Please comment below.

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