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These 10 Role Models with “Disabilities” Teach Us That Our Challenges Don’t Have to Hold Us Back

role models with disabilities

Research shows that we are more likely to look up to role models and follow inspirational individuals who have shared characteristics with us.

We look up to people we relate to. So many people in the world hold themselves back from their dreams because they don’t believe they can do certain things, not because they actually can’t do them.

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I hope these ten amazing people inspire you to move forward despite any physical, neurological, emotional, behavioral, psychological, or financial challenges you face.

We all deserve to follow our dreams, and to keep going despite our challenges!

Often times it is our own minds, beliefs and lack of confidence that hold us back more so than any other challenge we face.

10 Inspirational Role Models with “Different Abilities”

1. Julio Silpitucla, from Argentina, plays an amazing guitar. I could listen to Julio all day! Music to my ears!

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2. Jason McElwain of Rockchester, NY showing us those basketball skills! We are big fans of the sport Jason! Nice work and skills!

3. Mayli Gibson and friends show us their dance skills! We love seeing you shine when you dance!


4. Ezra Frech showing us his amazing speaking skills and athletic abilities. Your confidence is inspirational.


5. Mickey Rowe, telling us about himself and parts of his life as an actor – making us smile with his gymnastic skills. Even gives some conversational tips!


6. Mandy Harvey touching us with her angelic voice! Keep singing and playing, Mandy!


7. John Bramblitt is an amazing painter who blows us away with his ambition and motivation. John’s images are vivid and elicit emotion!


8. Tristan Snapp is passionate about food and has a leading role in Tampa Florida’s “Pro Kitchen Hub!” He has amazing treats. I want to try the strawberry shortcake!


9. Ian Shepherd is a great runner, a good friend to his teammates, and a motivation to other athletes! Thank you for what you do Ian!


10. River Dove London is adorable. He speaks to all our hearts when we see him take off on his trike! Keep riding, River!


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