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Healthy Recipes for Children to Support the Mind and Body

can diet affect behavior

Diet impacts behavior and learning.

In early childhood, and throughout the school-age years, adequate food and nutrient intake, to support brain and body development, are especially important.

can diet affect behavior

The foods children eat are associated with their overall learning potential and behavioral health.

Healthy Recipes for Kids

That is why we have decided to share healthy recipes for kids, that are easy for you to make and for them to participate in.

Check back as we add more recipes for your family that you can start making as early as this week.

Eat healthy with your children, and experience the positive effects on your own body and mind as well.

Recipe #1 Healthy Kids Toast

May substitute almond butter for peanut butter, but it is important to check how many grams of sugar are in each (fewer grams is better).

Be mindful of peanut and tree nut allergies when making and serving this snack.

Healthy Kids Toast

Supervise Children with Toaster (Toaster Use Optional)

Total Time – 15 mins

This fun toast encourages creativity and nutritious eating! It makes a great snack or breakfast.

Serves: 4 servings


• 4 slices whole-grain bread

• 6 tablespoons almond butter or seed butter

• 2 teaspoons honey (optional)

• 1 banana

• 2 strawberries, trimmed and halved

• 4 chunks (1 1/2 inches) fresh pineapple (can substitute canned)

• 2 blackberries

• 2 teaspoons chia seeds or toasted flax seeds (optional)


1. Toast the bread slices. (Optional)

2. Spread the almond butter on the toast and drizzle with honey, if desired.

3. Cut 8 slices and 32 matchsticks from the banana.

Arrange one strawberry half and one pineapple chunk on two slices of toast.

Arrange the remaining strawberry halves and blackberries on the remaining slices.

Place one banana slice “head” at the top of each piece of fruit and arrange four banana matchsticks around each “kid” for arms and legs.

Sprinkle the seeds along the bottom edges of toast under kids’ feet, if desired.

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