They Say I Have ADHD (A Poem About a Different Perspective)

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They say I have ASD, or ADHD or ODD. I say I’m just me.
They tell me I’m different and that’s special; but they want to make me like them I think.
Do they have goals for me? What are they?
This doctor said I have only one disorder, but the other one said I have three.
Which therapies do you think are right for me? Speech, PT, OT?
Thank you for helping me with my disability. Is that what I’m supposed to say?
They say my social skills leave a lot to be desired and I can’t focus.
What are the goals to fix this? How is my progress?
My mom seems down! I think she just wants me to fit in like the other kids.
I hate to disappoint her. I’m not even sure which kid I should try to be like.
I want to explore science topics, build with blocks, and of course, get on my computer or gaming system
But that’s just me…we’re all different you see. Just like you in your world of normalcy.
But anyway…once I become like you, you won’t have to worry about me., a site for parents, educators, and counselors; provides free strategies and resources for children! Stop by and let us know what you think!

Written by Our CEO, Rachel Wise

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