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Windows & Wheels: An Online File Folder Activity Teaching About Squares & Circles: Made with Nonverbal Learning in Mind

Online File folder activity shapes

In this post, you will find an exciting online file folder activity titled Windows and Wheels. This engaging activity aims to teach students about circles and squares utilizing interactive objects, a hands-on experience, and multisensory stimulation.

In Windows and Wheels, students are required to place three windows, one at a time, onto squares, and three wheels onto circles, also one at a time. By doing so, students are able to explore the concept of shapes in a fun and interactive way.

Windows and Wheels is designed to connect learning about shapes to real-life activities. Through activities such as building a car out of Legos or eating Cheerios shaped like circles, children can develop an understanding of how shapes are used in everyday life.

Feel free to use this activity to enhance your students’ understanding of circles and squares in an engaging and practical manner. Enjoy teaching Windows and Wheels and have fun learning with your students!

In summary, Windows and Wheels serves as an engaging online file folder activity tailored to educate students about circles and squares through interactive learning.

By prompting students to place windows on squares and wheels on circles, this hands-on activity offers an enjoyable exploration of shapes. It connects shape-learning to real-world applications by encouraging activities like crafting with Legos or recognizing shapes in everyday items.

Windows and Wheels aims to enrich students’ understanding of shapes in a practical, engaging manner. Embrace this resource to elevate your teaching of circles and squares, fostering a fun and insightful learning experience for your students.

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