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10 Fun Activities to Do with Your Child at Home

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Doing things with your kids is a great way to make time fly while spending quality time together! It also keeps behavior problems down. An engaged child who feels good and is having fun, will be more likely to behave than a child with idle time on his/her hands who is trying to figure out what to do next.

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Make a plan. Decide on a few activities in a row. Be flexible if your initial schedule doesn’t work out. Change it up if you need to, or include your child in making the plans. Give them choices and see what they would like to do.

Here are ten inexpensive/free activities:
1. Take a walk
fun activities with kid
2. Draw a picture together. Take turns adding to the picture.
fun activities with kid

3. Play Hide and Seek
fun activities with kid

4. Play Teacher/Student
fun activities with kid
5. Make a meal together
fun activities with kid

6. Make ramps out of books and play with toy cars
fun activities with kid
7. Turn lunch time into a restaurant game (great way to practice restaurant behavior, which some kids struggle with)
fun activities with kid
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8. Set up objects/toys as bowling pins and knock them down with a ball
fun activities with kid
9. Use a pot as a basketball net and try to get the ball in. The image below shows this with dogs, but you get the idea 🙂
fun activities with kid
10. Build Something (Block Tower, Card Tower, Model Car)
Try making the Eiffel Tower if you are really feeling ambitious.

I hope you enjoy these activities with your kids as much as I do with my son!

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