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5 Great Music Videos About Science for Kids: K to 3rd Grade

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Music is such an amazing teaching tool. It helps keep the learner engaged and is a great way to get concepts in grained in memory. There are so many amazing learning music videos on Youtube. Here are five great science songs, excellent for early elementary school kids. These songs even have my two year old interested in science. Once you know the songs, you can sing along any time to review the concepts.
Five Great Science Music Videos
Tip: Create a hands-on activity to go along with the songs to help really drive the concepts home. For example, practice dropping objects while watching the gravity song or make your own book of baby animals while learning all the different baby animal names.
1. Gravity by PBS Kids
Learn the basic principles of gravity and how it affects our daily lives. This tune is catchy and includes characters from The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Dinosaur Train, Curious George, SUPER WHY, Hooper and Dash.

2. Outer Space: “Time to Shine,” The Moon Song by StoryBots
The lyrics and images help children learn all about the moon in a fun and natural way. I literally wanted to dance and had a smile on my face while I watched this educational animated music video.

3. The Solar System Song by KidsTV123
Learn about the sun and planets while listening to this fun and relaxing song. The singer, A.J. Jenkins, has such a melodic voice, that anybody, kid or adult, would likely love to listen to his educational tunes.

4. The Baby Animals Song by KidsTV123
Learn the names of several baby animals while listening to another catchy and melodic A.J. Jenkins tune!

5. Do the Circulation by Schoolhouse Rock
This intricate video explains all about the circulatory system in an upbeat, imaginative way. The graphics are fun and really help your child visualize how it all works.

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