25 Ways to Build Your Child’s Confidence and Social Skills

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1. Say I love you everyday
2. Care about your child’s creativity/talents
3. Be interested in what your child is doing
4. Give your child independence and freedom appropriate to their age/level
5. Make your child’s safety and healthcare a top priority
6. Eat meals with your child
7. Create traditions to build memories
8. Let your child know when he/she makes you proud
9. Play games with your child
10. Teach your child how to share
11. Cook and/or bake with your child
12. Tell your child about you (let them get to know your interests, your memories, your dreams)
13. Give and teach your child empathy
14. Let your child explore his/her environment, fall down, make mistakes, and get back up
15. Get to know your child (if they won’t let you in, keep trying)
16. Let your child make choices as often as possible
17. Feed your child healthy food (no one is perfect, try your best)
18. Give your child time to relax
19. Encourage your child to exercise
20. If you can, exercise with your child
21. Focus on the positives in your child
22. Listen without judgment
23. Let your child cry on your shoulder
24. Never take your child for granted
25. Love your child unconditionally

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