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Did you ever notice that we need to improve consistency between people and across settings when it comes to implementing strategies that work to effectively support children with their learning, behavior, emotions, or social skills?

Isn’t it a challenge sometimes to get parents, educators, and others working with a child all on the same page? Aren’t there so many different resources making us unsure where to turn at times?

This is the reason Education and Behavior (, a free online library of research-based strategies to support children, was created in 2014 by school psychologist and licensed behavior specialist, Rachel Wise.

At Education and Behavior, you can find answers to questions such as:

This is just an example of what you can find. To see the full scope of what our library has to offer stop by our home page at

We are so honored that k-12 schools, districts, universities, pediatricians’ offices, and mental health agencies are starting to list us as a resource on their websites.

Shout out to the following for listing us as a resource on your site (we are honored):

Challenger Elementary School in Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Chaparral Elementary School in Meridian Indiana

DeKalb Middle School in Waterloo, Indiana

Gadsden Elementary School in Gadsden, Tennessee

Galveston Independent School District in Galveston, Texas

Lake Washington School District in Redmond, Washington

L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokuom School in Indian Brook, Nova Scotia

North Aiken Elementary School in North Aiken, South Carolina

Ogden Preparatory Academy in Ogden, Utah

Prattville Primary School in Prattville, Alabama

Robert J. Richardson Middle School in Chicago, Illinois

Roebuck Elementary School in Roebuck, South Carolina

Samuel E. Shull Middle School in Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Sancta Familia Academy in Melbourne, Florida

Spring Independent School District in Houston, Texas

Summit Academy in Philadelphia, PA

The School District of Lee County in Fort Meyers, Florida

Association of International Schools in Africa

Australian Government Department of Social Services

Autism Center of Northern California

Easter Seals of Chicago, Illinois

Elmwood Pediatrics in Rochester and Pittsford, New York

Florida Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Homeschooling for Children

Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana

Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV in Fairfax, Virginia

Rise Learning Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

Texas Occupational Therapy Association

William and Mary School of Education in Williamsburg, Virginia

Are we on your site yet? If we are, send us the link or a screenshot and we will send you our book for free (Building Confidence and Improving Behavior in Children: A Guide for Parents and Teachers).

We have a challenge for you. Stop by If we don’t have the topic you are looking for to support your child let us know. We will research it for you, write an article to answer your question, and post it on our site. We will email you the answer directly if you wish as well.

Written by Our CEO, Rachel Wise

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You will notice that we sometimes recommend our favorite products for children. When these products are purchased through our site it helps provide the funds to maintain our library. Other relevant ads also help support the funding for our database.

If you have a product you would like featured, or if you would like to partner with us, or provide sponsorship, contact our CEO Rachel Wise at

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