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Check Out These 8 Important Tips for Any Student Who Needs Help with Writer’s Block (Essay Writing Support)

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Sponsored Post First Some Important Background Information What is Writer’s Block? You may be sitting there at your computer or with paper in front of you, and you just don’t know what to put down. You stare at a blank page, and can’t get anything out. You are not alone. Writer’s block is a frustrating experience for many people. Writer’s …

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Give Free Tutoring to a Child in Need by Sharing Educational Content You Love

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“I Recently Heard the Saying ‘Ask and You Shall Receive.’ I don’t Know How True This is But We Are About to Find Out.” A Dream to Help At-Risk Students for Free is Born My dream is to tutor children (in financial hardship) who are struggling with learning reading, writing, or math skills, free of charge. After obtaining my Master’s …

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Schools Can Try These 12 Strategies to Help Children with Separation Anxiety

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This article is a follow up from my first article: Strategies for Parents to Help Their Child with Separation Anxiety. The intro is the same, but as you go further down the article, you will see strategies for schools to use to help children with separation anxiety. What is Separation Anxiety Disorder? According the the American Psychiatric Association, a person with …